Abram Hayman Buck (1895-1965)

by Patrica Brown

Dr. Abram Hayman Buck was a World War I veteran and physician. He was born March 5th 1895, in Marion, South Carolina to Maggie Hamilton and Abram Buck, both South Carolina natives. He was a Methodist and completed 4 years of high school. Along with Abram H., Maggie and Abram had four other children, Theodore Buck, Ivado Buck, Isdore Buck, and Christable Buck. They went on to give Abram more 12 nieces and nephews combined. Due to the lack of accurate record keeping, it is difficult to gather an exact number. 

He married his wife Margaret Theresa (Luke) Buck. Her birth date is estimated to be around November 1876/1878 or October 4th, 1900, and she passed away April 2nd 1971. The couple had three children, Loretta Marie (Buck) Duverney, Margaret Frances Buck Saunders, and Abram Hayman Buck Jr. Together, they gave the couple over 10 grandchildren. 

While residing in Norfolk, VA, Abram Hayman Buck enlisted in the National Army on June 20th, 1918, and was discharged March 8th, 1919. He was an Infantry Private while stationed at Company 45, 12 BN, 155, D.B. Camp Lee, VA. Eventually he transferred to Company 13, 4 BN, 155, D.B, Camp Lee, VA, and was promoted to the rank of Corporal. 

After returning from the war, Dr. Buck attended and graduated from Meharry Medical College, a historically black college, in 1927. He was a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, National Medical Association, and Old Dominion Medical Association. He was also the founder of Royal Social Club and Hiawatha Social and Savings club. Along with all these accomplishments, he was also elected to the Board as a member of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company. 

Dr. Abram Buck passed away July 29th, 1965, at the age of 70 in the Hampton VA hospital from Myocardial infarction due to coronary occlusion within one week. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Norfolk VA next to his wife with a shared headstone.