Louis Cook Austin (1889-1942)

Louis Cook Austen was born March 5, 1888 in Mecklenburg, Virginia to Mollie Bowling and Jon Austin. Records show that Louis’ had no educational background throughout his life span. During World War I colored people were more likely to fight behind enemy lines. Fortunately for Louis, he was one of the few workers to work for the government as a longshoreman. Being that he worked as a longshoreman before and after the war, Louis had no assigned branch of service besides working for the government. During his mid years of his life records show that Louis was married. As time started to trickling down for Louis in his late years he was divorced. On February 28, 1942 Louis passed away. His cause of death was pulmonary infraction, caused by having diabetes mellitus, syphilis, and a damaged central nervous system. Today we thank Louis for his honorable service that he contributed to World War I.