David John Alexander (1877-?)

By Shavon Barnes

David John Alexander was born on April 3, 1877, in Suffolk, Massachusetts. His father was also named John Alexander, he was from London, England. His mother was named Elizabeth Levy, and she was also from London, England. David John Alexander married Rachel Pillar in Springfield, Massachusetts on June 26, 1896. Rachel Pillar was born September 19, 1880, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They had two sons together, Albert David who was born February 28, 1908, and John Emmanuel who was born January 1, 1912. They were both born in Norfolk, Virginia.

David John Alexander served 12 years in the Military. He attended Harvard and became a dental surgeon prior to service. David John Alexander enlisted into the military on May 10, 1917, in Norfolk, Virginia. He was assigned to US Naval Training Station St. Helena in Norfolk, Virginia. His highest rank was lieutenant. On June 24, 1919, David John Alexander was placed on the inactive list where he returned to his civilian life and his former occupation as a dental surgeon.