Moryck Cecil Woodley (1893-?)

by Taj Worthy

Moryck Cecil Woodley was born on February 2, 1893 in Norfolk, Virginia to Henrietta Dillard and James H. Woodley. Throughout his life and time in the army he aligned his spirituality with the Episcopalian church. In his youth Woodley attended public school but there is no record of him going onto receive a higher education. Woodley did however find work as a butler before his enlistment into the United States Army. Woodley enlisted in the on August 5, 1918 as an infantry private. 

After joining the army, Woodley was shipped to Camp Humphreys, in Alexandria, Virginia to be trained for his occupational specialty. Originally Woodley was assigned to Company Foxtrot, Development Battalion 542nd Division. Woodley was discharged December 17th 1918 from Camp Humphreys as a private. This early discharge was likely due to complications with influenza which he contracted while training at Camp Humphreys. After leaving the Army, Woodley returned to work as a butler.  


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Taj Worthy is a student and ROTC cadet at Norfolk State University.