Everett Ray Altizer (1894-1981)

By Cilisa Irvin

Everett Ray Altizer was born on April 17th, 1894 in Christiansburg, Virginia on a Farm with his Parents Lula and Rufus Altizer and younger brother Harold. According to 1910 U.S. Census, Rufus Altizer owned a local general store in the city of Christiansburg. Everett Altizer attended elementary school and graduated from Christiansburg High Cchool in 1913. After graduation, he enrolled at the Medical College of Virginia a division of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. In 1917, Altizer completed his medical degree and began his occupation as a physician at his own private practice located on Sunnywaters Street in Norfolk.

In February 16th, 1918 he enlisted in the national army as a 1st lieutenant in the Medical Corp division in Richmond Virginia. He served as a physician and was assigned to Evacuation Hospital 59. He began his training at Camp Greenleaf, Georgia on January 5th, 1919 and completed it on August 1st, 1918, then transferred to Base Hospital 104 on August 1st, 1918  and lastly Euree Hospital Group from September 1st, 1918 until December 29th, 1918. After completion of his service, he returned to Camp Greenleaf where he was discharged on January 5th, 1919 due to unknown circumstances.

After being discharged in 1919 he returned to his private practice and later married Henri Lillian Fortune of Lynchburg, Virginia according to the United States 1930 Census. The couple had two children. He continued his career as a medical physician until his retirement.

On October 29th, 1981 he passed away from pulmonary cancer complication at the age of 87, he was buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Norfolk, Virginia



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