Guss Boone (1890-1926)

by Thomas Cerja

Guss Boone was born on March 9th 1890 in Deep Creek, Norfolk County, Virginia to his mother Mary Cuffee and his father Guss Boone, Sr. Guss was raised Baptist and also received a preparatory school education. He married Bessie James on January 9, 1918 and they had two children: Evelyn, and Leon. Guss Boone worked as both a longshoreman and a pile driver. This was before he chose to enlist in the Army in a Norfolk and was sent to Camp Humphreys in Virginia to train for his enlistment assignment as an engineer in the 540th, B Company, for the 2nd Division.

Following his training at Camp Humphreys, Boone departed from New York in 1918 and headed to France. Boone’s service was short lived due to a tragic injury he received. He was honored for his sacrifice and unfortunately had to head home shortly after. Boone suffered severe damage to his eyesight and was discharged at Camp Lee, VA in 1919. Although he suffered from injuries, Boone noted that he was anxious to do his part to help win the war and that his military service made him stronger.

Upon return to civilian life he returned to work as a Pile Driver. He and Bessie lived at 961 Hanson Ave., in Norfolk. He died on July 4, 1926 of gangrene in his leg. He is buried in Deep Creek, Virginia. His wife Bessie died in 1952.