James Jones (1893-?)

World War 1 was fought by men of valor who give it their all even if it meant giving up their lives in the process.  However, not all men who served in the war held active combat duties,  James Jones was one of those many men.  He was born in 1893 in the Berkley County, Norfolk, Virginia, to Maggie Burgess and Bud Jones.  As an child, James attended common school, grades one through eight, however his graduation remains unconfirmed.  As time went on, James  began to work as a Longshoreman, a port laborer.  He held his job as a longshoremen until his move to the Hartford County, Connecticut.  Here he began work as teamster, driver of carriage carrying goods,  under his new employer, Edward A. Deacon.

At the time of his draft registration James was 23. He did not enlist in the United States Navy until December 5th, 1917. Upon his enlistment, James was assigned to the US Navy ship the USS Manta.  Despite his non-combative role, James Jones still served his country proudly as a 3rd Mess Attendant on the USS Manta.  Throughout his service, James’ exceptional performance granted his promotion to Cook 3rd Class.  As the war progressed, James was transferred to Naval Hospital Portsmouth where he also served as a cook.  James remained at this station until his retirement on August 30th, 1919.

Upon his retirement James Jones returned to his hometown of Norfolk, VA.  It was here that James met his wife and mother of his children.  James Jones is survived by his two children.

Darius Jones is an NROTC cadet at Norfolk State University.