Jesse Taylor (1884-?)

by Derrick Taylor

Jesse Taylor was born in Kingston, North Carolina on July 4, 1884 to Issac Taylor and Marinda Resbrooks. He was an only child. Taylor was not a voter, nor was he a religious man and grew up with limited to no formal education. Taylor did not marry or have kids and worked as a laborer.

On July 5, 1918, Jesse enlisted in the United States Army as an E-1 or Private. Upon his enlistment Private Taylor was sent to Camp Lee located outside of Petersburg to be attached to a labor battalion. From there, he was transferred to Regiment 340 located in Newport News, VA and subsequently sent to Brest, France. Private Taylor returned from France on July 12, 1919 and within a week of his return was discharged from the Army as an E-1 in Camp Lee, VA.

After his time in the army, Taylor returned to the labor field working on a farm.