William Hines (1897-1960)

By Nathan Foster

William Hines, born September 12, 1897 in Norfolk, Virginia, was the son of William Henry Hines and Nannie Hilton. He had five other siblings and his mother, Nannie, died sometime after filling out his military questionnaire. His stepmother’s name was Sarah C. Foster.

On August 27, 1918, Hines enlisted in the Army and trained for about two weeks at Camp Humphreys in Virginia and embarked from Newport News, VA as a Private. After serving his time, William Hines returned in July of 1919 as a Corporal and married Josephine W. Crawley in Norfolk. He returned to civilian life employed as a driver for a Mr. Wasserman. Hines only had a public-school education and no known higher education, however he was a member of the fraternal order known as the White Lillies. Hines also had military training with the Soldier Company in Norfolk and was a devout Baptist. He and Josephine had three children: Eliza, Sam Bunyon, and Josephine Elaine Hines. William Hines died on December 30, 1960 in Norfolk, VA. His wife, Josephine, died on November 18, 1974.