Willie Fulford (1896-1933)

by Idris Redding-Ray

Willie Fulford Jr. born July 6, 1896 to  Alphine and William Fulford Norfolk, Va. Prior to enlisting in the Naval Reserves, Willie worked for W. Davies as a waiter. Willie lived with his parents in the Berkly area of Norfolk, Va. when he enlisted in the Naval Reserves for four years; his job while enlisted was machinist helper. After the war Willie moved to Cleveland,Ohio where he lived at 5802 Hawthorne Dr. Cleveland, Ohio. Willie was employed as a laborer and never married. Willie visited the Doctor on October 15th 1933 at which point he was diagnosed with vascular heart disease; Willie died at the age of 36 a month later on November 23rd 1933. Willie was buried at Woodland Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio he had no children and never married. He was survived by both his parents, his sisters Alice and Qenene and his only brother Ivan.