Jim Bolden (1897)

By Chealsea Wickline

Jim Bolden was born March 18th, 1897 in Lucy, Tennessee. His father was Berden Bolden, and mother was Nancy Underwood. 

Prior to his military service, Jim Bolden lived at 502 Queen St, Norfolk Virginia where he worked as government laborer for Pig Point Ordnance Depot, where they focused on munitions storage, shipment, reconditioning, loading, and destruction.  Working as a laborer for the United States government, Jim Bolden had gained military understanding through his work with weapons as a laborer.  

On August 12, Jim Bolden became a private in the US Army infantry at Fort Lee, VA where he was stationed in Company A, 88th Regiment, 109th division. Shortly after, Front Lambarts Point, Norfolk Virginia on the ship Susquehanna, Jim headed to Berlin for World War I. 

After the war, Jim Bolden returned to Norfolk, Virginia where he continued working as a government laborer. 


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