Obey Elliot Armfield (1891-1973)

Obey Elliott Armfield was born June 23, 1891 in Norfolk, Virginia to James Armfield and Mandy Wells. Armfield was a chauffeur for L.W. Machen while he lived on 866 Preston St. in Norfolk. Before being enlisted into the service on July 17, 1917 he had gotten married to his wife Hattie Lovitt in December of 1917.

He then served in World War 1 in Engineers, within the U.S. Army. Company ā€œGā€ regiment 504th in Camp Lee, Va. Until he was discharged April 9, 1919. Obey Elliott finished as a Pvt 14 Co 4th Bn. When Armfield was in service he felt as if more could have been done for him once he left. Being that he took care of himself along with his wife, Hattie Lovitt, they had no children. His wife, Hattie, passed away in 1942 due to an aortic aneurysm.  Elliot passed away at the age of 82 on October 28, 1973 in Hampton, Virginia.


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