Jose Phillip McKinnon (1896- 1970)

By: Treyvon Darby

Jose or Joe Phillip McKinnon was born 27 August 1896 to Josephine Reeves McKinnon and Philip McKinnon. Jose was a religious Baptist man. He had two sisters, Rosalie and Mary.

Jose Phillip McKinnon, c. 1917. Image courtesy of Sargent Memorial Collection, Slover Library, Norfolk, VA. SMC-MSS-0000-182-ind-c-033.

Before joining the military, Jose worked at the Norfolk Navy Yard. Once he enlisted, he was sent to an Army training station located at Camp Lee, Va. While in the military Jose highest promoted pay-grade was a corporal in the U.S. Army. While in the military Jose was able to travel from Newport News Va, Brest France, and Marseilles, France. While serving in the U.S. Army it was recorded that Jose was treated in a hospital in Marseilles, France.

His life after he returned to the United States is undocumented. He died July 17, 1970, his place of burial is unknown.


Norfolk WWI Serviceman Collection at SMC 4-8-21